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My 1st Blogoversary!

December 28, 2016

First Blogoversary

Today marks my first blog anniversary! Yes, it’s been a year since I posted my first blog post, What I got for Christmas! I’ve been wanting to start a blog since two years ago and I never thought I will be here, writing blog posts for a year now! 🙂 Even now, I still can’t believe that I’m a “blogger”! haha! 😝

There’s definitely a lot of time invested in writing blog posts, taking pictures, editing them and revising them. Lately, it has been more difficult because of my work, but blogging will always be my stress reliever. And all of those are worth it because you guys are with me, and I can’t thank you enough for reading them and appreciating it! 😀 I’m also thankful to all my blogger friends, who I would love to meet in person! They’re so lovely and they’re also my inspiration to be a better blogger! 🙂

I remember on December 28, 2015, I was sitting in our living room (all day) while I do a lot of research in creating my website through It was a free website so I don’t have that much control with my themes and other things. After a few months, contacted me and helped me in creating my own website! It’s been my dream to have my own domain and self-hosted website; hence, the that you are seeing right now! 😀

I’m so blessed for all the things I’ve reached now and I’m so excited to see the future of this blog! I will do my best for you guys and again, thank you for being with me in this journey! Love you all!! 😍 🤗

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Life Other Stuff Stationery

Holiday Card Making Craft Social at Paper Source!

November 20, 2016

Holiday Card Making Craft Social at Paper Source

Can’t you tell that I love Paper Source? 😍 I love taking their classes so I signed up for their Holiday Card Making! Basically, you will make holiday cards, have some refreshments, and mingle with everyone! One day, my mom and I were at Paper Source and saw the sample holiday cards that will be made in the class. They were so cute so my mom and I signed up right away! So I want to share with you my experience at Paper Source’s Holiday Card Making Craft Social! 🙂

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Life Other Stuff Stationery

Learning Creative Hand Lettering at Paper Source!

September 25, 2016

Creative Hand Lettering Class at Paper Source

I’m a big sucker for giving letters and cards to my family and friends ever since I was a kid! 😅 When I was young, I love collecting stationeries and use them for giving letters to my relatives whenever there’s a holiday like Mother’s day. Now, I usually buy cards (and I’m very meticulous whenever I choose cards haha! ) and give them to my friends and family. My only problem is, I usually struggle with writing their names in the envelope or try to be more creative by it! Eeep! I want to learn to more on creative writing so I took a class at Paper Source! So I want to share with you my experience on my first creative hand lettering class and all the things I bought after the class! 😛

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My new blog with Blogerize!

April 16, 2016

My new blog

One of my goals as a blogger is to have a self-hosted site and my own domain. I wasn’t in a hurry to do this since I don’t have any issues with free hosts (like but wouldn’t it be great to have a full control of your site? 🙂 So when Elena from Blogerize contacted me, I did my research for days (of course I do!) and went ahead with collaborating with them to take the big step for my blog!

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